About Miles

What can I write about myself that doesn't sound like every other writer's tired biography?

"I have a life-long passion for writing." Cliché.

"I'm currently working on a novel, a couple short stories, a TV pilot, two children's books, a chapbook of poetry and an interactive, non-linear, narrative website installation." Trite.

"Small robots in my brain give me to power to take energy from other people and use it for myself." Blatantly untrue.

What is true is the early success I had winning the first Mash Stories competition with my story, "Nearly Nine". I've continued to participate in and help the competition, having "A Helping Hand" shortlisted later that year, acting as a judge and joining the Mash Stories Ambassadors.

When I'm not writing for humans, I'm writing for computers. I spend my days as a web developer in the American midwest. I spend my nights being a husband and father. Once the kids are asleep, I'm either working out, watching TV with my wife (but in a real serious, connoisseur kind of way), reading or — of course — writing.

In addition to Miles.ink, I neglect a blog called Of Miles Rausch.