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I love to write, and hopefully you love to read. It's hard trying to be a writer with a full time job, a wife, three children and way too much great TV out there. That's why I offer various ways for you to support me. Imagine me as a starving artist, except that I have a fulltime job and eat way too much. Still, I would rather that people pay me for my art some how, some way, some day. (Rhyme.)

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I have stuff you can buy! Where should you go to see my buyable stuff? How about you take a look at my author pages:

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Would you like to become a Reader of Of Miles Rausch (a RoOMeR)? This is an official designation, not some weird thing I made up. From time to time, I'll be sharing exclusive and pre-release content with my RoOMeRs.

The first thing I do for my RoOMeRs is send them a free ebook. How does that sound? I'm giving you a free thing that you literally can't get anywhere else. Plus, signing up gives you a chance to provide feedback on the things I write, which... might be a minus, actually.

Anyway! Just give me your credit card information email address below!

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I weave beautiful tales from the fabric of imagination and through Patreon you can support said beautiful tale weaving. Patreon lets you, the art ethusiast, become a patron of the artist. You give a certain amount per piece of content created up to a personal maximum. In exchange, the artist gives you access to rewards based on your patronage.

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