1. My Novel, "No Story To Tell", Is Now Available

    17 July 2020
    "No Story To Tell" has been submitted to Amazon, added to Goodreads and is now ready for dozens of lukewarm reviews. Go read it today!
  2. Now Powered By Eleventy!

    16 July 2020
    Guess what! is now powered by Eleventy, the JavaScript-based static site generator. What does this mean for your weekend? Nothing!
  3. Introducing Robot Dance Club

    1 September 2019
    I wrote a comic book with my friends, Mikey and Brian, and three issues are available now.
  4. Blazing Lantern Announces "No Story to Tell" Its 2018 Fiction Prize Winner

    18 September 2018
    Blazing Lantern announced the results of its 2018 Fiction Prize, and the winner was my novel, No Story to Tell. The grand prize is a contract that carries a publisher's advance plus a portion of book royalties.
  5. Stone Son Published in Speculative66, Issue 18

    6 April 2018
    "Stone Son" was published in Issue 18 of Speculative66, a digital literary magazine of speculative flash fiction.
  6. Is Secure

    11 October 2017
    You may have noticed a new feature of the website: a shiny, green padlock up in the address bar. We're secure, readers!
  7. Space Cowboy Published in Speculative66, Issue 10

    6 July 2017
    "Space Cowboy" was published in Issue 10 of Speculative66, a digital literary magazine of speculative flash fiction.
  8. Nearly Nine Published in Skullmore Vol. 2

    6 September 2015
    "Nearly Nine" was published in Volume 2 of Skullmore, an art and literary magazine published in Sioux Falls, SD.
  9. Welcome to

    27 May 2015
    Welcome to, the writing homepage for Miles Rausch, a man of many faces and a few talents. But just what is all about?
  10. The Wax and Wane of Writing

    15 September 2014
    Not to brag, but I'm the first ever winner of the Mash Stories competition. Okay, I meant to brag a little. I write this to forewarn you, the reader and likely writer. It's not often that one finds oneself in the presence of such a contest-winner, unless you happen to be that contest-winner, as I am.  Or was, at least. We'll get to that.
  11. Buy Wisdom for Dad by Hugh Weber (and Me)

    15 April 2014
    Wisdom for Dad, Hugh Weber's latest parenting book, is on sale, and you should buy it today, April 15th. It features the bite-sized wisdom of Hugh and a number of other dad, including myself.
  12. Nearly Nine on the Mash Stories Podcast

    7 April 2014
    Too lazy to read? Do your ears work? Then head on over to the MashStories Podcast and give Nearly Nine a listen. The narrator is top notch, even if he slightly mispronounced my last name.
  13. Mash Stories Interview Miles

    20 March 2014
    Mash Stories interviewed me to go along with the win. They asked about my stories, discovering the competition and writing in general.
  14. Nearly Nine Chosen as First Mash Stories Winner

    19 February 2014
    "Nearly Nine" is a short story I wrote for a contest on I was fortunate enough to get short listed, and I was even more fortunate to win.
  15. Nearly Nine on Mash Stories

    27 January 2014
    "Nearly Nine" is a short story I wrote for a contest on I was fortunate enough to get short listed. This means my story is up on their website for (literally) dozens of people to read. Make sure you're one of them.
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