Welcome to Miles.ink

27 May 2015

Welcome to Miles.ink, the writing homepage for Miles Rausch, a man of many faces and a few talents. But just what is Miles.ink all about?

Good question.

Do you find yourself wondering, "Who is Miles Rausch, the writer?"

Do you ever ask, "Where can I read or discover the works of Miles Rausch?"

Do you ponder, late at night, "How can I support Miles Rausch?"

This site will answer all those wonderments. All of my pursuits in the literary arts will end up here. Maybe I'll write a news post; maybe I'll just add content to the site for readers to find. The strange benefit you get is that I'm a web developer as well as a writer, so this site will be constantly changing as I learn more about you and what you want.

Which brings me to the last thing: Contact. Feel free to contact me if you have questions or concerns. All polite, thoughtful emails will be answered. All mean-spirited or lazy emails will be ignored (although I reserve the right to accidentally ignore emails in the first category).

So, by all means, take a look around and enjoy the ink. I have a ways to go before it dries.

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