Nearly Nine Published in Skullmore Vol. 2

6 Sept 2015

"Nearly Nine" was published in Volume 2 of Skullmore, an art and literary magazine published in Sioux Falls, SD.

When I saw the first volume of Skullmore, with its edgy art, quirky prose and punk aesthetics, I knew I had to be a part of it. After some conversations with Marc Wagner (Editor, Skullmore), he selected "Nearly Nine" for publication in upcoming volume.

Skullmore is partly the creation of an artist I worked with at Lawrence & Schiller named Les Cotton. His illustrations and drawings are at once bold, distinctive and captivating. His fingerprints are all over this magazine, and I'm happy to be a contributor.

Volume 2 hit newsstands on August 29th. You can find Skullmore at a number of locations around Sioux Falls (like Total Drag, Zandbroz & Exposure Gallery), or by checking out their website and their Facebook page.

Grab your copy today!

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