Introducing Robot Dance Club

1 Sept 2019

I wrote a comic book with my friends, Mikey and Brian, and three issues are available now.

In 2019, Brian Broekemeier approached me about embarking on a new journey. He, along with Mikey Martinez, wanted to start publishing comic books under the moniker Empire Comic Press. He was starting to build a roster of local talent, and he wanted my help in writing one of our first properties: Robot Dance Club.

It was Mikey's concept and character design (and art and inks and covers and etc.), and my job was to take all his brilliance and help craft a story out of it.

So, we began with a simple premise:

The robots have won.

That terrifying moment when humanity's creations acquired sentience is past.

But mankind does not live in fear. The human race is not enslaved, destroyed or wired up like batteries. It is simply ignored.

The robots carry on. They build. They destroy. They continue.

And, of course, they dance.

We've written three issues so far, and we're hard at work on the fourth. Get your physical or digital copies today from our website:

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