Now Powered By Eleventy!

16 July 2020

Guess what! is now powered by Eleventy, the JavaScript-based static site generator. What does this mean for your weekend? Nothing!

Notice anything different? No? That's because nothing's different except the engine that builds all these pages for me. See, the way the site works is that I have a whole bunch of special files on my computer. Then I run a command and those special files turn into all sorts of HTML pages. Then I put those HTML pages on the internet.

I originally used a tool called Jekyll to build this site. The problem was that I don't really have much experience in the programming language that Jekyll is based in, so doing anything interesting with the website was hard and time-consuming and frustrating. Eleventy, however, is powered by some of the same technologies that I use every day at work. That means I have no excuse for this website to keep sucking!

Hurray! Oh, wait...

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