My Novel, "No Story To Tell", Is Now Available In Paperback

12 Dec 2020

"No Story To Tell" is now available in paperback format on Amazon. That's right! You can hold your very own copy of this pedestrian, mediocre novel before you toss it gently onto the pile of books you'll never actually get around to reading. Buy it today! Make me rich!

Previously, "No Story To Tell" was available as an eBook on Amazon. But I've now gone through the process of submitting it for paperback format. It wasn't a terrible amount of work, but it did require generating a new version of the novel's content and creating a new book cover. Having finally accomplished all that in the last few weeks, I submitted the paperback details to Amazon, and they were accepted and published.

It's pretty wild. I can visit the "No Story To Tell" page on Amazon and see the same kind of links that the books I purchase have available. Is this the Big Time? Sure feels like it!

Anyway... what are you waiting for? Buy on Amazon (US). Buy on Amazon (UK). Shelve on Goodreads. MAKE ME RICH!!

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